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When I work with groups and teams I draw on 6 years of experience as a senior consultant in Lindeblad and over 20 years of experience as director of HR. Both have given me a thorough understanding of organizations and how I can help them reach their dreams.

I know how difficult being a leader can be  – and how much could be gained from a strong leadership team. My experience has given me lots of good tools to draw on when the dialogue becomes intense.

I work with a warm and genuine dialogue – without buzzwords and “smart” concepts. My collaborators with different backgrounds are chosen to suit the task ahead of us.

My inspiration derives from positive psychology, active learning and the DISPUK process training I took in 2011. I’m not fanatical about methods, but I do support my process with a systemic understanding and I use active learning to set minds in motion.  An intense and honest dialogue about what really matters to the group, is a typical outcome.

Ledergruppe Coach