Owner / Finn Gjersøe & co


Jens Hyllested Pedersen

Staff Officer Programme and Service Planning at Defence Command Denmark

Finn will plant question marks in places that will make you stretch your mind just a little further for each question. Undoubtedly the most competent executive coach I’ve ever spoken with.

December 22, 2013, Jens Hyllested was with another company when working with Finn at Finn Gjersøe & co


Jason Scott

Department Manager – HR – Operation and Maintenance at FLSmidth

“Facilitator and Team Builder” par excellence – with colleagues from 16 nations – a multitude of disciplines – his energy, experience and innovative ideas helped to leverage the diversity and consolidate the talent from our group of managers…. But most of all – we all participated, laughed and took away the seeds of wisdom that he planted and helped us find…

December 12, 2013, Jason was Finn’s client


Trine Stahl Eriksen

HR Coordinator hos FLSmidth

I have had the pleasure of working with Finn as a facilitator and I also attented a workshop held by Finn. On both occasions, I have been amazed by his dedicated sincerity and expertise. Finn is a calm and very skilled in getting a diverse group of people walking towards a common goal or objective. The warmest recommendations from me and a hope to work with Finn again soon.

December 12, 2013, Trine was Finn’s client


Jimmy Burnett Nielsen

Headmaster at Bagsværd Kostskole og Gymnasium

Besides having written one of the best books available on how to lead both other leaders and management teams in general, Finn is top notch, analytically as well as hands on, within his areas of expertise. Things happen!

December 11, 2013, Jimmy Burnett was Finn’s client


Partner / Lindeblad a/s

Volker Lischke

Director, Energy Trading and Risk Management, PwC

I have been working with Finn over a period of three years on the development of the management team I was responsible for as well as for team building events with team leads and all department staff. In this process Finn has added substantially to our cooperation skills and to our understanding of each other. This has helped both my managers and all the staff to truly…more

April 15, 2010, Volker was Finn’s client


Henning Meyer

Director of Operations, MD at Sun Chemical

I have shared a lot of efforts with Finn in making a turn around for Sun Chemical. The focus was to liberate all the hidden competences and develop people to take ownership and pride of being with Sun Chemical. 
This founded an extreme make over of Sun. Finn has a fantastic way of challenging people directly, turning negative waves into a positive approach to change. Finn…more

August 27, 2013, Henning managed Finn at Sun Chemical

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