Leadership Teams – what is Your Purpose?

That’s my opening question for you . When the management team finds its own purpose, it can focus on the issues that ONLY they can resolve – and leave the rest to employees. It becomes obvious why you are together in the management team , and gradually in-fights fade and confidence increases. When you  really progress far as a leadership team, there is almost no limit to, how far your company can reach. Employees spot everything you do in the management team , and they check how you behave when you are together . You are role models! – and therefore you can expect almost magically improved cooperation between departments, when the Leadership Team starts  working better together.

Team – are you ambitious on behalf of each other ?

Working with a team, I start with a thorough expectation setting, usually with the team leader. Based on this input, I can plan a seminar that easily increases engagement and drive in the team.

You will see, that I use a lot of active exercises, preferably outdoors or in an environment other than your daily surroundings. I often see participants become more courageous and wise together – and maybe a little more humble towards each other, when they are engaged in an active learning process. Learnings and Insights I can help anchor, in one or several follow-ups back in your office.

Executive Coaching – Discover your Purpose and Engagement !

I coach executives and middle managers using the full range from coaching to mentoring as needed. My method is simple and classic coaching with the support of Lomingers competence system and I often utilize a 360-degree evaluation as a solid starting point.

My extensive  experience handling Senior Management positions in multi cultural settings, ads weight and  authenticity to my advice.

Ledergruppe Coach